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Word Search

Get ready to plunge into the world of words with Word Search. Play with the letters and get addicted to words like never before!

ABOUT Word Search

Find new words:

Live like Columbus and start the refreshing discovery of so many wonderful words.

Create Story

Complete the set of stories by picking correct words from tiles and fill-in-the-blanks.

Marvelous themes

A truly unique game where you get to play from numerous themes and never get bored!



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Greet yourself with numerous word plays
and exciting new themes

Word search has been designed to suit the mood and taste of all age groups with exciting new updated themes. Get addicted to the latest themes and get acquainted with cool new words!

Swipe through tutorials and get a quick glimpse of gameplay. Collect your score now!

Pick up your desired theme and progress from ‘easy to ‘tough’ levels.

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Brilliant Interface

Word search brings you one of the best gaming experience you ever had. Never ever know of ‘lags’ or ‘hangs’ with a superb interface and attractive display mode for every device.

Supports ‘night mode’ and ‘monochrome mode’ for clear viewing at night time.

Create a free account at our portal and never miss a game in your Lappy, PC or any other device.

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Superb way to show your champion score
like a boss!

Introducing Hidden Bonus Words, gateway to more points in your kitty! Take a cue from the first letter and remaining number of letters and unlock the bonus word with one swap! Spend your time while you sharpen your guessing skill.

Stuck with bonus words? Click on ‘Hints’ and unlock the words. After that, just pick it up! Utilize your points to increase your levels.

Wanna increase the number of hints? Connect with your friends and get more hints from them! After all playing together is more fun!

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Now download the master of words in your phone and indulge yourself into the amazing dimension of words and theme play.


With much love and support worldwide, Word-players now comprises more than one million of global population and continues growing upwards

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Word Search consumes 45 MB in iOS platform and 11 MB in Android. Downloading additional puzzles and themes may consume additional spaces.
Word Search can be downloaded in devices with Android 4.1 and above. Of course, it is supported in KitKat.
Both the versions are exactly the same regarding gameplay and features. The pro version is however totally ads free. Pro version will unlock all the bonus words.
Currently, Word Search supports English, French and Italian languages with the dictionary. Stay tuned for more language integration!
Yes, you can. Your progress of the previous theme will be saved, while you can jump to another one. Progress will be displayed in percentage. You can come back anytime and complete the levels.


“ Playing with words, well that’s something if you want to kill your time in an interesting way. ”


“ My therapist recommended me this game. I have a cognitive disorder, so this game is perfect for improving my coordination. ”


“ Great way to engage my students and make them learn to spell in a fun way. They absolutely love to play and learn. ”


“ Already loaded with apps and games, was searching for a lite yet excellent word game. I must say I am addicted to it now. ”

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